Thursday, January 17, 2008

Waldorfy like doll, kinda...

A little while ago the kids and I went to a thrift store and got a lot of things including a kit to make a wool felt doll. My daughter and I have started on it. I am no seamstress and my daughter is learning from me, so our results are not exactly stellar with this star guy, but we're trying.

Here, my daughter is forming the head.

Here, you see the felt cut out and pinned and the head my daughter has formed.

Let's have a closer look.

Here is the head where it will fit onto the body and my daughter is holding the hair on it too. See? She is quite proud.

Did my daughter like this project? Yes, and I did too. Again, the whole point of this year is to NOT buy anything new. So, by default, we will save a lot of money. If everything we get is used from now on, it will be a lot cheaper to get all of our things. A wool doll kit from Magic Cabin, which this is, would normally cost what, like $15 or more? This was only $2. I never would have bought my daughter this kit from Magic Cabin. I would have felt that it was too expensive and the kids already have loads of toys and after all it was just Christmas and where are we going to put something new any way?, and her room is a mess and we need to organize in there so let's not get anything new...

But, since the kit was only $2 it seemed like I couldn't pass it up!

Look at my daughter. Would you pass this up?


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I love the photos!

Laura said...

It was fun. We have to finish it up--we will soon.

I've found that my kids really like to make things. They appreciate things more if they bring something of themselves to it. If they are involved in it, by making it, or figuring it out (like a puzzle, or kit) they like it more. They both like to be challenged a little bit.

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