Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poll results

I posed a question a week ago about what stuff people would miss buying new. A hummer getting 9 mpg? Or perhaps a phone thingy you stick in your ear like the incomparable Lt. Ohura from the original Star Trek cast (and really--aren't classics always better?!). A sweater shaver to remove pilling from your sleeves? I posted a poll, and gave 7 choices. Here are the results.

A total of 19 people cast a vote. But, I'm going to pretend that each vote represents 1,000 people--it will seem way more significant with that kind of sample size. It does feel more significant this way, no?

19,000 people voted and only 1,000 people would miss buying an electric stick broom thingy. Sorry Dirt Devil. Gotta give the people something they need--you can't dupe them into buying something stupid that they don't need. Sheesh, give us a little credit.

Another 1,000 people voted for an electric sweater shaver. A surprising result, given how some sweaters are apt to pill up at the slightest touch. Either we don't care about little yarn balls on our sweaters, or we pluck them off like grapes. Either way, we've not been duped into buying some other unneeded thing. Sorry late night TV infomercials. Nice try.

These next two choices were tied. 2,000 people would really miss their muffin top jeans, and 2,000 would miss their spoon collecting supplies. It's hard to fight the steamroller of fashion. If people must wear low cut jeans, even if they're clearly not flattering on every body type, then a muffin top is inevitable. Unless the fashionistas let bigger women off the hook, and they're allowed to wear mom jeans that go all the way up to the waist, well, then what can anyone do? Spoon collecting must give some comfort and solace that's a little lost on me. Who knew thousands of people would miss that?

The next two choices also resulted in a tie. It seems that 3,000 people would miss Hummers getting only 9 mpg, and 3,000 people would miss an ear phone thing like Ohura has. I knew this would be a bigger category. Folks like technology. Did you know that GM, being the savvy industrialist car company that it is, is going to capitalize on that technology fever and is coming out with the 2009 Hummer that has giant, plasma flat screen TVs ? Yep. AND, the TVs are built right into the dashboard. Cool, huh?!

Now, for the top vote getter. With a whopping 7,000 people choosing, the number one thing that people would miss buying new is....LEAD TAINTED TOYS!!!

Wow, thanks for voting everybody. You've all reaffirmed my faith in humanity and our democratic process. Rock the vote!!
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