Friday, January 25, 2008

Republican Sample Ballot, or Barking up the Wrong Tree

Look at that picture above. It's a sample ballot for me for the upcoming elections. It's from the Republicans of _______ Township. They want me to vote for their people. They want me to vote republican. Um. That's not going to happen. Not even close to happening. Way not gonna happen.

It's good not to have preconceived notions about people. We're all complex bundles of history, stories, DNA and ideas walking around bumping into each other. Do I really know you? Do I? Do you really know me? No. We don't really know each other, actually. You're reading this post in your cozy slippers at home, or your Birkentocks, or while surfing at work...I'm not tellin' anyone. I sent it across cyber space releasing it to the universe and whoever catches my message for whatever their/your reasons are, I still have no idea what's going on in the remote, secret, allusive parts of their/your head. That's your space, I'm working on my side in my space just sendin' it out there.


I think you can make some pretty good guesses about me if you choose to. I had homebirths. And, I breastfed--for YEARS! I homeschool. My husband fiddles around with bicycles. All of this is available to see on the front page here on my blog. My blog which espouses not buying anything new...To be simplistic, are you generally seeing red or blue here?

I know I'm on all sorts of mailing lists--I've requested to be removed from lots of catalogs' lists. I've gotten great catalogs for wonderful, beautiful products that I have bought, within limits, in the past. I love looking through J. Jill and Sundance catalogs. But, that's not where my heart is.

I have magazine subscriptions to things like this,

and this,

I get catalogs selling groovy bumperstickers and t-shirts and posters like this one,

I get herbs from this catalog,

I give money to this group to buy animals for people around the world to improve their livelihoods and their nutrition and their self reliance. Here is their January/February circular.

Based on all of this information, which I'm sure is readily available on some list somewhere, does it really look like I'll be reading this on election day?

Barking up the wrong tree...


Blessed Wife and Mother said...


rebekah said...

those interests of yours are neither republican nor democrat. neither is breastfeeding or home birthing. they are what they are. i must be missing the point of this blog entry...or something.

Laura said...

Yes, I know of many natural minded moms who are also Republican--in general, that's true. But around these parts, most extended breastfeeders are not Republican. Most who get catalogs that sell posters like, Make Art Not War, are not Republican.

I just think mass mailings are funny. I'm sure there are some Republicans who somehow get Greenpeace junk mail, or NARAL mailings or ACLU pleas for funding. And, I'm sure that they feel mass mailings are funny too, just as I do!

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