Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spending on experience, not stuff.

We went skating yesterday at an inside rink. No bumps. No clumps of grass sticking through the frozen oval that the village of Very-Republican-Town pours for us at the park every winter. No uneven heaving of ice. Smooth sailing and yet...

We No-Buyers were doing more than just a little wheeling of arms and falling on bums. There was a learning curve for me and my daughter and my son. You know that flattering move you make where to catch yourself from spilling over you quickly pivot your hips forward and then backward to regain your center of balance while your arms sort of flail backwards? No? Well, I guess it's just me then, and there was some of that yesterday too.

Despite the spills and occasional tears everyone had a great time and would like to do it again. The kids already had skates from last year (pre-compact) that we had gotten from Play It Again Sports, a used sporting goods store. So, I just had to pay for my skate rental, and it wasn't very much. That was a great use of money. We had fun with our friends, we improved our mad skating skilz and came away knowing that we can try and get up and try and get up and try and get up and try and get up again.


My daughter is calm and confident. My son is about to be Calvin.

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