Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wait...why are you doing this?

Well, we are no longer purchasing new so that we don't add to the earth's burden. Things aren't garbage until they're thrown away so we are going to get things before they get junked. We are going to give things a second, third or fourth life. We are going to use things until they are no longer useful. We will repair things. We will mend clothing. I will learn to darn...really. Maybe. No, definitely yes.

A lot of our thinking has come about because of my husband's profession as a designer for a company that produces stuff. They used to have a service center and a service number to call when their things broke. And then, one day they didn't any more. At that point my husband said, "I'm designing landfill..." It was a truly disheartening moment for him. He and I both became even more disgusted by the consumer driven throw away society that has become the United States. Walmart shouldn't be the arbiter of taste, value and worth. But it is!

We don't buy it. We don't believe all of the marketing spin. We don't feel compelled to go shopping on Black Friday. We don't buy the magazine Lucky which glorifies shopping and elevates it to sport or even worse, good fortune.

We aren't trying to judge anyone else. Life is short and fragile and whatever gets you through the night is just great. However...for our family? We've decided that a life worth living for us is one where we are even more strongly connected to the earth by removing all the false connections. We really don't need plastic junk from China produced by slave, prison labor. Really . We don't.

All of the arguments to buy this stuff fails. We don't buy it.

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