Monday, January 7, 2008

Thrift shop score!

On Sunday, I went to a thrift shop. The proceeds from the shop go to help victims of domestic abuse. It's amazing that there is ever still a need for that, but I am glad this place exists. For around $48 I got all of these needed and not so needed, but fun, things. Ready? I got:

  • Four heavy, medium size glasses, because our glasses from Target keep breaking...
  • Four small stemmed glasses for sherry. Had to fill a larger one just a little bit at Christmas for my mom and it was very inelegant and clunky.
  • A navy suit for my son, complete with silvery clip-on tie (gross, but OK, it came with).
  • Adorable capris for my daughter with a paisley trim on the cuffs. Cuh-yute!
  • A flannel button down shirt for my son.
  • A short sleeve blue polo shirt for my son.
  • 4 make it yourself Christmas ornaments kits for the kids to make whenever.
  • A beautiful unopened Waldorfish flannel star child kit from Magic Cabin for my daughter to make whenever she feels like.
  • Three flannel turkey decorations for my son to make whenever he feels like.
  • A make your own and paint it totem pole kit including paint, brushes, and sculpting tools for the weird foam block for my son.
  • A bag of about 50 bundles of 6 stranded embroidery floss for my daughter to take lessons with a woman in our homeschooling group. (Who by the way, survived Bhopal. For even more information on Bhopal look at this.)
  • Two embroidery hoops.

Here I am espousing not getting stuff, and yet look at all of the stuff I got. It's kind of a big list. On the other hand, it is all used! Every bit of it will get a longer, useful life and it's not piling up in a landfill. We need the glasses. My daughter needs the floss to take the embroidery lesson. The kits for the kids are fun and will be great to have on hand for rainy days...Speaking of which, what is up with temperatures in the high 60's on Monday and 50's in the Chicagoland area today with rain expected and it is January 8th?!? Cue ominous music...

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