Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Goodwill is Opening, a New Goodwill is Opening!!!

Oh. My. God.

A new Goodwill is opening! How fabulous is that?! I have yet another place to go get used stuff if I need it! This is like a Hannah Anderson 50% off sale! This is like getting a perfect J. Jill shirt, or jewelry from the Sundance catalog. This is like getting fabulous Born shoes or Romikas!

This store is right down the street from us in Very-Republican-Town, Illinois. It's not Mall of America or 5th Avenue or Rodeo Dr. It's a Goodwill...but, it's opening right near us! More choices!


See the prominent sign right near the street?

Look at that beautiful new building--it's huge!

Doesn't this look inviting?

Can't you picture yourself going in there and finding something reasonable? Maybe an old record or too. Maybe some in-line skates, or a poncho, or a set of glasses that won't break.

Wow! This place IS huge! What will they fill it with?

See you on opening day, Goodwill. We hope you'll be very happy here.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Fabulous! You know what I would like to see where I live? A thrift store mall. I think it's very inconvenient that I have to drive all over town to buy my used junk. There should be used furniture, books, clothing, housewares, etc. All in one spot. Then every Saturday people could come set up garage sale booths, like a flea market so I don't have to drive to all the garage sales either. One stop junking!!!

Maybe that would get us more competitive pricing too. Some of our local thrift shop prices are getting outrageous. I once saw used children's underwear for $1 each! Ewww! You can buy them new for less than that!!!

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

That place is prettier than Walmart for sure! I love getting towels, baskets, candle holders, and dishes there. They have good stuff.
I love TRADING my stuff for more stuff too.....

Hey, btw, I just made my blog invite only, would you like an invite? Then stop by and sign in so I can get you email and invite you!

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