Monday, January 21, 2008

Jack Frost Visits the Connecticut

Jack Frost has come to our bedroom window at the Connecticut. I like his art. I don't care that it's provincial and lyrical--Jack Frost is not known for being avant-garde. He's old fashioned and sentimental and some argue derivative in his themes (read: Suzy Snowflake...) Her work is more free form and sometimes it acquires a patina from whatever the snowflakes adhere to. But the surface is not really a substantive part of her repertoire and it truly is an apple/orange thing. For Jack Frost, the medium is part of the message. The canvas makes a difference for him.

Oh, I don't care! Art arguments are best left to the critics--I don't need that high drama. Jack Frost does good work. He's prolific and dependable.

You may not get Jack Frost murals on your windows--do you have a house from the 60's that needs new windows? That's his medium of choice. Although he may sometimes dabble in New England colonial houses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, you'll find he mostly likes the versatility of modern materials and makes his way to wherever there is a Siberian Express--that's his favorite mode of travel.

Here is a selection from his most recent show. Enjoy:

"Feather Frost"

"Curves in Corners"

"Frozen Vanishing Point"

"Spectral Light: Shattered Ice"

"Frozen Yin Yang"

"A Thousand Points of Light..."

1 comment:

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Thats really pretty! We only get like one good freeze a year....if even that.
Last year we were terribly excited over some sleet and a few icicles. LOL!
Oh I am SOOO excited about the Kefir too!

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