Sunday, March 27, 2016

On the Rediscovery of Music

For various reasons for the past few years I've not listened to a lot of music. Instead it's been an almost steady tuning in to NPR and all that they have had to say. I've read books after hearing interesting interviews of authors with Terry Gross. She's a great interviewer. Such a good listener and not stuck with needing to ask the next thing on her list. She lets the conversation grow organically. She responds with follow up questions after interest is piqued.

Lately, I have had a huge reawakening to music and lyrics. They speak to me so much now.

So many things are speaking to me these days. It's as if I've been walking through fog, going through the routines of life, such as they are, and now I see things more clearly. Everything is sharper. Everything is more beautiful. Everything is more powerfully moving.

I feel free...

Hello, After Several Years Absence!

Well, hello!

How goes it?

I've been gone a long time, haven't I?

We have long ago finished our life experiment of ONLY buying, borrowing, used things. We often get new things without even thinking twice about it these days.

It's not that The Compact wasn't a good idea. It was. But, we can afford to get what we want when we want it, and we are still thoughtful about our purchases.

The lessons learned from going more than a year with only getting used things, or borrowing what we needed, still remain. My husband, kids and I don't NEED much. We don't WANT much. But, when we do, we get. I notice that when the kids get things they really want, they are profoundly grateful. We are comfortable in our life, but don't take a lot for granted.

So, a success, I think.

In other news, what the hell about this Trump guy?! Right?! How in the world has this happened--that he is the Republican frontrunner?

We Don't Buy It was always about more than the rejection of buying new things. It has always been about the ideas, social mores, stuck patterns of behavior that we weren't buying. And, so it is now.

I think I'll start writing here again regularly. I've missed it.

Do you write? Do you work out ideas? Do you share what you know? It's nice, isn't it? It's a release and a philosophical exercise. It's an exploration. It's a conversation--even if none of you ever respond. I know someone somewhere is reading. I know some may agree with what I say. I know some may vehemently disagree. And, it doesn't really matter if you chime in or not. It might be fun if you do, this can be so one sided, but it's not required for this to be a worthwhile pursuit.

So, hello again!
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