Friday, January 4, 2008

The Story of Stuff--Must Watch!

This is a must watch video. It explains how we all end up with stuff in the first place.

One of the ideas is that we only use 1% of the stuff we buy 6 months later...1%. Also, on average, each of us generates 4.5 lbs. of garbage a day. Do you think that's true? It seems like an awful lot to me. Sad, if true.

Look for the ideas: "Externalized Costs" and "Planned Obsolescence " and "Perceived Obsolescence". It is no accident that we all have so much stuff. It is no accident that there are pressures for us to throw out our stuff and go get NEW stuff.


Speaking of stuff, above you see an array of our Tamagotchis nailed up on our laundry room wall. The kids got Tamagotchis a while ago, and then my husband thought it would be fun if he had one too. As a surprise, we went to Target and got him one. The kids were excited about giving him this for no other reason than to share their Tamagotchi joy. Then, as a surprise, they all thought it would be fun if I got one too--so it was one of my Christmas gifts.

So now, we all have Tamagotchis and instead of nailing them to the family room wall (as my husband, with hammer poised in hand, was about to do) we nailed them up in the laundry room. (As an aside, I really don't care about that room...)

The picture above shows some of the last stuff we have purchased new.

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