Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello et.al.

Most of my readers are from the United States. How do I know this? My spidey senses, my mother's intuition, my second sight, my freaky mind meld ability, my ESP, my common sense, my wild hunches, my educated guesses, my feelings all tell me so. That, and my stat counter. Ha!

That's right--I'm completely plugged in here.

You know what else my stat counter has magically revealed to me? People from overseas are reading this right along with you guys from : Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, New York, Idaho, Utah, California, Washington, Minnesota, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Idaho, Alaska, Indiana, North Dakota, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Alabama, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Kentucky.

So I would like to say Good Morning and Hello to all my overseas visitors. In no particular order:

Ola Brazil, Hallo Germany, Dia duit Ireland, Hello United Kingdom, Salut Romania, Hola Chile, Hello eh, Canada, How's it goin' mate Australia, Tena koutou New Zealand! I'm glad you're all here. Welcome!

And if Brazil, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Romania, Chile, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can check in, maybe someone can give a shout out to New Mexico and Mississippi and South Dakota and have them check in too.

Oooooo! My spidey senses are tingling!!


The Lazy Organizer said...

Tricked you!!! I'm not really from California. I'm from Utah. Just so you know. Have you seen the hits where people are using interpreters to read your site? It's so cool to see your words written in another language!

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Hey there! How did you get a tracker on your page like that! I want one!

Laura said...

Hi lazy. I've not seen any people using interpreters yet. That must be fun.

Hi blessed. I use Stat Counter. I can see the whole world. Muahahahahaha!

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