Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kids in the Snow

Let's go play at a playground in the middle of winter. We can go at any time of the day, because we are homeschooled. Probably no one else will be there and we'll have full run of the place.

We can make snow angels and play on the icy slide and throw snowballs at each other, and at Mom... Mom? Mom. MOM!!

What do you mean, "Don't throw snowballs at me!!"? Aw, come on!

Look at our cool footprints. Isn't the snow powdery and beautiful? Every shadow is blue.

RUN!! I'll beat ya!

This is so much fun! Too bad our Mom's camera is about to run out of memory on the chip thing. She won't be able to take pictures of us making giant letters that start our names, or making a giant heart with our footprints on the baseball diamond over there to the right, just out of the frame of this shot. She won't be able to photograph our snow angels. There will be no photographic record of the icicles we gleefully pulled off of the bottom of the slide or the picnic table. Oh well. That's hardly the point. We're out in this beautiful sunshine and glittery snow, and getting rosy cheeks and having fun together in the bitter, bitter cold.

We love winter.

1 comment:

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Oh how I wish it would snow like that here. Except I wish no one would drive in it (Texans would NOT know how to drive in the snow...its bad enough everyone drives FASTER when it rains, like somehow they will drive faster than it falls???)

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