Thursday, January 10, 2008

Look at this mail.

We just brought in the mail. Look at this.

It is a coupon flyer sent to us by the good people at Papa John's, a pizza chain. Do you see the black magnet strip at the right of the flyer? That is so we will put the coupon up on the fridge and then it will be easily accessible, and then we will order a pizza and pay for it and use the coupon, and as my husband's favorite adage says, "The more you spend, the more you save!!!"

Here, is a closer look at the magnet.

Are we going to get a pizza from Papa John's? No. If we were, would we put the coupon up on the fridge? No. Is this a completely wasteful use of a magnet for us and probably a lot of other people? Yes. Am I going to rip the magnet off and let my kids make something with it? Yes. Am I turning a bad situation into a good one? Yes. Are you sick of all of these laconic answers? Yes.

I don't want calendars from real estate agents. I don't need the Bears schedule, or the Cubs, or the White Sox, or the Blackhawks, or the Wolves or the Shamrox to put up on my fridge.


My friend, Nameless, recently sent out a link to our homeschooling group about how to get yourself off of catalog mailing lists. Here it is. It doesn't help with useless coupons and magnets and calendars and schedules, but it's something you can do that helps a little.

Sign me up!

1 comment:

The Lazy Organizer said...

So annoying! My kids actually sneak these magnants on the fridge when I'm not looking and then I have to toss them when they're not looking. I guess if all this junk mail didn't work they wouldn't keep sending it.

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