Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Floam birthday cake...Yum!

My daughter has never met a substance she didn't like to smear, control, smoosh and create with. Yesterday, she found floam to be the perfect medium. For those of you who are not familiar with this sculpting medium, it is sort of like very small packing peanuts held together with marshmallow fluff, only not quite as sticky, but probably just as delicious.

I haven't usually bought either of my kids synthetic substances in any form. Not food, or clothing or soap or play things. But we needed this floam for a long trip we took overseas and knew that our daughter would be captivated by it and be able to create wherever we went. A little off-gassing was going to be OK and would be worth it for her happiness and calm during long traveling time. Pre-compact, I bought my daughter a few different colors and thought she would like them.

This was months ago when we travelled overseas--Hello London! Sorry about the Rugby loss. Good on ya for getting as far as you got! When we were there three people fell into an art installation at the Tate. Are they OK? Is the Crack still there?

My daughter's floam has traveled to London and back and has been in baggies here when it wasn't rolling around on the floor, or carpet, or rugs. It's kind of icky now. Well, ickier. Floam sticks to itself and can be shaped by squeezing and pushing and pulling and pinching. Our cat's hair is everywhere in this house--and also in my daughter's floam! Ewwwwwww. An artist like my daughter is not to be put off by such trivialities. If she's inspired, she's inspired. It can be smearing butter on the kitchen floor right before a trip, or getting mud on her legs and hair, because it was really working for her. I can't question the creative process. How would I even dare to try to limit anyone else's bliss?

Here is a birthday cake my daughter made out of floam. It is for her doll, Megan. She has decided for the purposes of this cake, that Megan is 4 years old. Sometimes Megan is a toddler.

Let's put that cake up on a beautiful serving platter. There. That's better.

There's a plate for Megan and a beautiful cake server with a china handle.

A fork and a knife are in coordinating colors. My daughter sets a beautiful table.

Woops! She almost forgot the napkin.

Ta Da!

Let's have an "M" for Megan.

Happy Birthday Megan! How do you like your "M" and floam cake? Delicious, eh?!

Well done daughter. Megan loves it and is very happy.

And, thanks for the hair, cat. It wouldn't be a special 4-year-old-happy-birthday-floam-cake without it!


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love the photos! I want to come play with your daughter and megan and make floam birthday cakes!! Oh and so does my 3 year old! LOL!

Jones Morris said...

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