Friday, January 18, 2008

Siege of Castle McGill

Hmmmm. What would happen if...

the evil wizard on the left challenged the good wizard on the right?? What if he tried to overtake the Castle McGill with his evil forces...

Look out!! An evil dark robed guy is trying to come through the window! Good thing a knight is mounted on his horse inside the castle.

Oh no!! There's a dark robed guy on the other side!! Quick you two knights--get 'im!

How did this ogre get in here?!?

You two wild guys--get need help?! Here's a goblin.

Chaos reigns! The good knight is being stabbed by the bad knight's jousting stick. A baby seal looks on from the castle grounds!

Give up the Castle McGill!!
Never! Your dark forces will never prevail! I've got a handful of flame, and you just have a glittery stick thing!!

What's this down below? Oh my God!! It's a giant! And, our dinosaur's in trouble! Are there any archers around??

Will you look at that? A dragon has defected and has joined our ranks!!

This is interesting!

The battle rages on!! Everywhere you see is carnage. Is there any hope for Castle McGill?

The archer is a good shot! The giant will be on the run soon!

The dark forces bring their most evil henchman--a ghost! Oh no--the mace will go right through him!!

Who will win?! Will the Castle McGill be vanquished by the evil forces of darkness?!?

What the...

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