Thursday, January 3, 2008

How will we get yarn, paper, lumber, etc???

Just how pure will we be? Last night I noticed my daughter's calendar in her room and remarked how we need to get her and her brother new ones, and she reminded me that we're on this new don't buy anything new kick...clever 7 year old girl. I had forgotten and of course reflexively thought we will go buy. To be fair to me though, you can't buy a used calendar if you plan to keep track of days with it--you can get one for the images and do something with them. A collage, perhaps.

I suggested that we could MAKE calendars! The kids could put on their own drawings or stickers for every month, or photos (that we already have). My daughter was delighted!

My husband asked about wood. Can he get it new to build things for us? Does he have to get used wood and reclaim it making something useful out of it? During the summer he helped a friend from work take out his deck and then he brought some of the wood home and made a little deck in front of our giant shed where he's turning part of it into a play house for the kids. That worked out really well. But, does he have to do it every time from now on? What about me with yarn? Do I get to buy new yarn, or do I have to try to do this? I'm up for the challenge but I would miss Noro yarn. It's this beautiful earthy color-saturated fiber that knits up beautifully. I would really miss it. I'm sure I can easily get paper from Freecycle--I have before. So, the kids can have their raw materials for doing their work.

My husband feels that it's OK to get raw materials and turn them into things that you will use for a long time, or make gifts that people will appreciate. I think maybe I think that's OK too.

Some time soon, I will go to a thrift store and see if I can find a wool sweater to unravel for the yarn. I can do that. Really. But, do I want to?

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