Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

Do you see this picture to the left here? That is a shot of a dirty pan that was on my stove yesterday morning. Eggs were scrambled in this pan. It is a common breakfast around here. I get really good eggs from a farmer's cooperative and I get dozens at a time--they have a very long shelf life, as they're very fresh from the farm. So, we eat our wonderful eggs.

I make scrambled eggs and eggnog. I add an egg yolk to the kids' kefir fruit smoothies. I make coconut custard with coconut milk and eggs and sweeten it with maple syrup. I make coconut macaroons when we have enough accumulated egg whites.

We like our eggs.

The kids like their increasingly improved mastery of life skills and their increasing understanding of the adult world that they are gradually venturing into. They like to be in charge of themselves and feel accomplished and competent. Who doesn't? And isn't it great when we parents can give our kids chances to try to do something--unsupervised, with our complete faith in their abilities and trust in their judgment?

So, you know who made the eggs yesterday? Guess.

It wasn't me. I was slow getting out of bed and the kids were ready to soak up life at full force. I was tired and the kids were full of energy. I was in a quilt nest and the kids were clamoring for breakfast...NOW!!

My daughter decided that she was going to make me breakfast in bed. How sweet is that?! My son was suspicious and worried that that would delay his getting his food. He always wakes up hungry. But, then he decided that it was a good idea after all.

The kids asked how I 'd like my eggs cooked--scrambled, please. They asked if I'd like a bagel or toast--one slice of sprouted grain toast with butter, please. My daughter brought the pan up for me to see if it was big enough. It was. I asked did she remember how to turn on the stove and how hot? She did. My son was in charge of the toaster.

Let's see a close up of this picture. Doesn't it look
beautiful? See that encrusted cooked egg on the side of the pan? That represents something real and big in my kids' lives. That's not just egg that needs to get soaked off of a pan. No. That represents my kids' success and ability to handle themselves in a meaningful way.

Did you ever see a crusty pan that looked so beautiful?

Next time I'd like an omelet with sauteed mushrooms, deglazed with a little vermouth, and a little gruyere cheese melting and oozing out the ends. Maybe when my daughter turns 8...


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Wow! That is pretty cool! I cannot wait until my little one gets there! She is only 3.5 but she does like to cook!
I must know more about this Coconut Sufflee thing....yes....I must!

Laura said...

Yes, I was knocked out by it too. I had previously shown my daughter how to cook scrambled eggs and she felt that she could do it--I knew that she could, because when I HAD supervised her doing it, she didn't need any help. I just walked her through it.

Check out the coconut custard recipe. I hope you like it!

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