Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When is Election Day? November 4th!

Desperate people behave desperately, you know? When you see desperate behavior, doesn't it make you think the cause must not be worthy? If it was worthy, it would surely stand on its own merits, wouldn't it? There wouldn't be any kind of trickery, would there?

In Virginia recently, there have been fliers distributed stating that to ease congestion on election day, Republicans will vote on one day and then the Democrats will vote on another... Really? That's an interesting way to manage an election, but of course it is untrue. The article where I read this also left out which day was suggested for the Republicans and which for the Democrats--but, I have a good guess.

Election Day for everyone is November 4th! November 4th! Do not be fooled.

Vote on November 4th!

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