Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Someone Stole My Obama Sign

Someone stole my Obama sign. Not Obama/Biden. No. This was my Obama sign that I put up the day after he beat Clinton. This sign has been up in our front yard for weeks and weeks and now it's gone.


So, you know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to print out Obama signs and put them in all of our windows that face the street. Ha!

People could try a little hope instead of fear.


Mama bee said...

Someone stole ours (and a whole bunch of others in our neighborhood) last week - took the Obama sign and left all of our local candidates' signs. We just put up another one.

I have a friend who keeps losing Obama signs. She had a "Thou shalt not steal" sign placed between her Obama signs, and last night THAT sign was stolen too. Sadly, I doubt the signs are going to poor Obama supporters here in Utah.

Less than a week until the election!!! I'm so ready to be done.

Laura said...

I'm ready to be done too! I don't think an Obama supporter would steal another one's sign. The other side can't take the heat of all the sunshiny support Obama has.


There's no more time to get a sign from Obama's site. I wonder if my local Dems would have a sign...Off to check.

Sorry about your stolen signs too.

Ambitious Blonde said...

I'm so sorry about your sign going missing, and I really hope you can get a new one. People have been stealing signs like crazy around here too. They also wrote a really horrible word on a few of them.

Sigh. Freakin' cowards. :(

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