Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Word...OK, Several Words


It's NuCLEar. As in nucleus. That's the origin of the word. It's not a nuculus. There's no electorn or porton or neutorn. Nucleus. The nucleus splits apart and releases the force that irradiates and melts and blasts to miles around. That's why it's called a nuclear bomb.


That's one word. Here's another word to consider:


Here's another one:


Here's another one:


Here's another one:


Here's another one:


Here's another one:


Well, that last one is not a word. Granted. But, I like the hyphenating to make up words. If it were German it might be Frausheistergetalkenkopf. But, we can hyphenate for fun if we want to.


Lynn said...

You are a mean spirited person!

Laura said...

I don't think I need to feel sympathetic for a woman who has no empathy for others as demonstrated by her policies--did you know as mayor she had rape victims PAY for their own rape kits? These are the forensic kits that gather evidence. Don't you think THAT'S mean spirited?

I know lots of people mispronounce nuclear, but I'm sick of our president doing it and I don't want a VP who does it either.

It's not about being mean spirited, it's about being fed up by nasty people running this government.

If your finger can get even remotely close to the button, to carrying the codes, you better know how to pronounce it.

There's a level of seriousness missing in Sarah Palin's candidacy that is embarrassing and shocking. How cynical of McCain to choose her.

I stand by what I said--it's NUCLEAR.

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