Saturday, October 4, 2008

Are You Registered to Vote?

I feel strange even asking that because I naturally think everyone is of course registered to vote. Of course they are! Our life, our children's lives, the health of the world--its climate and environments--are all too important for people not to care about and be invested in the process and vote.

And then, I think,"Yeah, but not everyone is a political animal, even if they do care. Or, they're so cynical (they would probably say realistic or pragmatic) at this point that they never vote anymore, if they ever did. Or, they somehow never got themselves registered and they now think it's a big scary thing to do and don't want to be bothered. Or, they think Obama's got this all wrapped up so their vote doesn't matter, it's not needed." For the sake of argument, I'm just going to pretend that everyone is an Obama supporter. Yes, I know that's not true and I welcome you here any way! Hello Libertarians, Greens and Republicans! But, this urging is for the Obama supporters solely--the rest of you can stay cynical or lazy or complacent. That's OK for this election--otherwise, I would insist that you get yourselves registered too. This time, it's OK if you sit this one out.

OK Obama supporters. Go here to see if you're registered (in case you forgot--maybe it's been that long since you voted) and to see where your polling place is.

Let's not lose this one. Let's not muck this up. Get yourself registered if you're not, and vote once you are. We have to vote in Obama and all of the down ticket folks who will help support the kind of change Obama's championing.

We can do this. It is possible.


Protesters helped stop the war in Viet Nam. Without the political will of a nation, the powers that be can not keep doing what they do. Light needs to be shined on their activities so that we all can see their nefarious deeds, and then once we know, it's time to act. All you have to do this time is VOTE! You don't have to take to the streets. You don't have to suffer through tear gas or billy club beatings. Just go vote and end this war.

We can change the world.


DoulaMomma said...

I just got back from PA (I'm in NJ) going door to (often unfriendly) door to get out the vote. There are people who are not registered. There are people who do not vote ever. It's sad but true.
There was was woman,though, who stood out. She's in her 50's and just registered for the first time in her life. She was a Hillary supporter & still mad and thinking of voting for McCain or not at all in protest. We talked a *long* time and I believe she will vote and will support Obama. There were a few other bright spots today...all I can say to people is to please be nice to those folks who ring your doorbell! ;-)

Laura said...

Good for you for doing this!

I did cold calling for Kerry's campaign, but it was all to prospective voters who were registered--I just had to remind them to get out and do it.

I hope all of the Hillary supporters will vote for Obama. They really wouldn't be voting for the policies Hillary wants if they vote for McCain.

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