Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain to Spread the Wealth?! Socialist!!

Wait. I don't get this. McCain used to be for lowering the tax burden on the middle class and increasing it for the wealthy?? But, but--that's *gasp* Socialism!! According to him and his running mate and his subordinates in his campaign, that's spreading the wealth! McCain couldn't be for that! He's interested in the concerns of plumber (not really his job) Joe (not really--his name is Sam) who's worried his $250,000 plus income (well, again, not really--he makes less than that) will be taxed with Obama's policies (not really an issue, because he doesn't pay his taxes any way--owes back taxes now...).

Why would McCain want to punish the wealthy, who've worked so hard to get where they are, by making them pay MORE?!

I don't know. I'm just positively flummoxed by all of this. Let's see what McCain has to say about all of this. Maybe he can flesh out the details as to why anyone would want to rework the tax codes in this way.


Christina said...

Yeah, he actually WAS a maverick at one time. No longer; he marches pretty smartly to the Repub drumbeat. Read what Terralita Maverick thinks of McCain's use of the word: Click on the link "Original Mavericks" from last night's show.

And what's all the gibberish re: redistribution of wealth? ALL tax systems are a redistribution of wealth. I can't afford to build a road or a park in my town but taxes pay for these and other items. Taxes also pay for things I don't support like a war and corporate welfare and...well, a few other things.

Laura said...

I agree with you Christina. Where'd that old McCain go?

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