Thursday, October 9, 2008

People Want Obama Buttons!

Do you know what people want? Obama buttons, that's what!

I have looked on my stat counter and have been seeing for weeks and weeks that people are doing google searches to find where they can get a free Obama button. I wrote about getting my free Obama button from and people find that post.

Look at all of these google searches by people from Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington D.C., and Florida looking for an Obama button.

People come here every day looking for a button...unless, they're looking for other things.

These people are all looking for free Obama stuff. They're not picky. The just need some stuff, it doesn't matter if it's a button, or a shirt or a bumper sticker. "Where can I get some free Obama stuff?!" they eagerly implore! You came to the right place here, active citizens, as I am always extolling the virtue of not buying stuff and getting stuff for free, recycling and freecycling.

Look at the people from Kansas, Ohio, New Mexico and California all seeking out their free Obama stuff.

I don't know if you can still get a free Obama button or not. I read somewhere that has given out over 2 million buttons. They might be out...but, you could try.

Here's a link to them to see if you can get a button, or other "free Obama stuff"

Good luck activist citizens! If you do get a button, wear it with pride and the hope and expectation of an Obama presidency in January. Yes we can!

If you want to buy a button, you can go here to Obama's site. Some of you might still be buying things unlike my family...OK, a confession is forthcoming, but it's not all that bad. Really.


Christina said...

Gobama!! I bought some Obama spoke cards for our bikes after I read about them here:

A buck each but they threw in some extra cards and some cool stickers.

DoulaMomma said...

I have a little collage taking shape in my closet of all the lapel stickers I've gotten at Obama makes me happy to see it when I open my closet door!

Laura said...

Coo-el both of you!

I'm going to go to kentsbike and check out the bike cards. What a fun idea!

DoulaMomma said...

Hey - thought you would be into thia:

DoulaMomma said...

hold the presses - address not working in email

Anonymous said...

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