Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keating Five

I've written about the Keating Five before. I had a link in that previous post that brings you to a site that speaks about all aspects of the Keating Five scandal. You can read it for a quick summary of what happened and why.

Obama's campaign has recently released a video that explains it all in further detail and shows the link between the deregulation back then and now and how it has led to the financial morass we are all in. McCain's campaign says the Keating Five investigation was a political smear job. Yeah, except the other four of the Keating five were Democrats...so, not a political smear job. Just routing out corruption and McCain was part of that.

At the time, December 1999, McCain thought he had done something wrong. He said, "The fact is, it was the wrong thing to do, and it will be on my tombstone and deservedly so," So McCain, how can you back pedal now? We have the Google you know. We have the intertubes, and the interwebs. We can see what happened for ourselves. We can look it up. You would know that if you knew even a little bit about the world wide google/web/tubes/yahoo/ thingy. But, ya don't.

After the investigation by Congress into the whole Keating Five scandal, McCain said that he was contrite and knew the error of his ways. Now, he says he never did anything wrong. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You WERE contrite and now you say you did NOTHING wrong?!? What were you contrite about then? That makes no sense. That's a lie. Was the contrition a lie, or is now saying that you did nothing wrong a lie? Which is it?

Who else do we know that never admits mistakes? Who else has that kind of intellectual dishonesty? Who else lies a lot? (HINT: It's sort of spelled like "Lush", which is what he was...but it's pronounced more like "Push" which is how he got us into war...)

"You set up perverse systems that allow people to lie." says a former regulator in this video about the scandal then and now. Perverse. That doesn't sound reasonable or measured or smart or thoughtful or insightful. We don't want perverse policies do we?

Look at this video and judge for yourself.

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