Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are the F.B.I. Chumps? Do Republicans Pal Around With Terrorists?

Do you trust the F.B.I.? At least to the extent that they can gather accurate information? Are they easily snowed do you think? Are they wrong a lot of the time, some of the time or never?

I know they've done terrible things like bug Martin Luther King's phones and were complicit with tracking people like John Lennon...You talk about peace and you're a threat. Go figure.

Overall, though, as an organization whose job it is to find information, to investigate, do you think they do a good job?

I ask because this whole William Ayers is a terrorist and Obama palled around with him meme flies in the face of the F.B.I.'s competence. It's an insult really. "How?", you ask. OK. I'll tell you. Ready?

Barack Obama is a United States Senator with top secret clearance. That means he's allowed to see all of the information that would be dangerous for terrorists to see. He's allowed to know about troop movements and investigations, spy operations etc. He's part of the inner circle of information. The way he got there is the F.B.I INVESTIGATED HIM AND CLEARED HIM...they found him perfectly safe and so he stands as Senator from Illinois with top secret clearance.

So, I want to pose a question to the Republican friends who visit here and believe the whole Ayers nonsense. Do you think the F.B.I. are chumps? Do you think they got snowed by Obama? How?

Here's another question for you folks. Are the Republicans who worked with the Annenberg Foundation, and therefore also associated with William Ayers, people who palled around with terrorists? Why or why not? Please answer in essay form. Thank you.

Keep these ideas in mind as we watch the debate tonight. When, and if, McCain brings up Ayers, let's see what makes sense and what doesn't.

The F.B.I. are not chumps and neither am I. Are you?


DoulaMomma said...

brilliant question - why has MSM not thought of this??

Laura said...

I don't know! I actually saw this alluded to somewhere--I wish I had thought of it myself--it is so obvious, isn't it?!


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