Thursday, October 2, 2008

Third Person Singular

So, my son has discovered the joy of speaking about himself in the third person as in, "Samuel has found he likes this way of talking!" (Name changed to protect the innocent...)

He also gets a kick out of mispronouncing his R's in order to elicit an eye roll from me. Today it all came together perfectly for him.

"Mom! Mom! Samuel has discovuhed 2 new ways to iwwitate you! Isn't that GWEAT!!"

Me, "Yeah, how 'bout that?"

"He is hung-WEEEE!! Feed him now! He is hung-WEEE! Mama, feed Samuel now!!"

Do your kids do stuff like this? Kind of giggly and mischievous and excited all at once. The joy of it. The peals of laughter. The silliness.

And when my son says that he is "hung-WEEE", he means that he is absolutely ravenous all of the time, as in, he has grown 2 inches since August 1st. His legs squeak at night as his bones grow.

Do you believe that a kid could gwow like that? Lauwa does not believe this. She finds it incwedible!!

With this gwowth, she hopes a cewtain matuwity will also come that cuwbs the thiwd pewson talk and the dwopping of R's.

I'm just sayin'...

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