Monday, October 13, 2008

Respondele a Obama

Early on in my parents' marriage, once my dad had finished business school, they traveled to Caracas, Venezuela and lived for three years. My brother M. and my sister S. were both born there. My sister D. and I were both born in Harvey, Illinois. Not as exotic and exciting is it?

When we were growing up, in order for my parents to speak in front of us about things they didn't want us to know, they would sometimes converse in Spanish.

"Donde estan los regalos?" "Estan en el armario."

What did they say? What was that?

We didn't know.

I have always liked Spanish ever since my parents spoke about hidden gifts. On Daily Kos, I enjoyed seeing this fun pro-Obama video calling for all Latinos to vote Obama. As the singer says, even his Republican mama is voting for Obama, and so is the guy I saw outside of Goodwill yesterday who told me he was voting for him after seeing me in my Obama Biden shirt. Si se puede!

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