Friday, November 28, 2008

Free Designer Purses! Prada, Gucci

No, not really--fooled you! But, now that you're here, maybe we can talk.

This is a blog about not buying any new things for a year. We've mostly done it. And, you know what?! It's painless! Really! It is no big deal. It's easy to do and we don't feel deprived or like we're missing out. We also don't feel the pressure to keep up with everyone else's purchases.

Do you really need a designer purse? Wouldn't that cost hundreds or even thousands, if you were buying it? What could you get with all of that money instead?

Do you want to learn how to fly--how about flying lessons? Do you want to learn how to speak Italian or French? How about some language classes somewhere?

Do you know people who are having a really hard time of it? Maybe you would feel so good if you helped them. You could be like a superhero or something--that's a good use of money, isn't it?

Does a free designer purse make you feel like you'd be getting this fantastic, expensive thing and people would be impressed with the idea that you did spend hundreds or even thousands? Would you seem prettier, sexier, more powerful or better?

Sorry to fool you. There are no free purses here. However, now that you are here, maybe you'd like to look around and see what this place is all about. We're suggesting a new way to view how we relate to the things in our lives. Do our things serve us, or are we always in search for the next thing? Must we get the next thing? What if we don't?

Read, We're Going to What?!?! to see what The Compact, our promise to not purchase new things, is all about. Read, Wait...why are you doing this? to see what our thinking is. Watch the video, The Story of Stuff , to see how we all get our stuff and what the pressures are to buy even more stuff.

Black Friday--We Don't Buy It...

Thanks for visiting.


Tamsen said...

You have some of the best links. My 25-year-old son took the civics test and, thankfully, got only 4 wrong. Of course as a kid he'd pick up the encyclopedia, open to any page and begin reading so ...

Today I want to be assured your blog won't end when your 'we don't buy it' year ends. You're teaching me too much!

And I'm also really interested in knowing how old your two children are, just so I can put their wonderfulness into some sort of perspective. If you aren't comfortable posting that but would be comfortable sending it via email, please do. And if you aren't comfortable with either, I'll just watch for clues -- lol.

Thanks Laura. You really do make my day. Have you visited Margaret and Helen? It has an interesting (and very short) history. The main author is 83, very earthy, and also great fun if you're of liberal leaning. Their address:

Finally it's too bad you have a great family. I'd offer to adopt you if you didn't.

Hugs!!! Tamsen

Laura said...

What a very sweet comment, Tamsen. Thank you.

My son said we should try to only purchase things NOT made in China next year, as another life challenge. I think that would be virtually impossible. There's also the only-buy-hand-crafted-things challenge--also difficult. No, we'll still be here past the end of the year. I have too much to say, even if it's not always about The Compact.

If someone searched around here, they'd see that my kids are 10 and 8--not a secret.

I do have a quirky, wonderful, complex family--mine and my family of origin, both. I don't think I'd want it any other way. You learn an awful lot from passionate people...

As always, thanks for visiting! You make my day too!

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