Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicken, Egg, Space, Matter...

My parents and my sister S. and brother-in-law T. came over to our house last night to see my son's last show of the play he was in. He was great, in his small role, and the other kids were as well. Very fun for all of us to see.

The last few times we've gotten together as a family, somehow we've all gotten onto the whole classic, "Which came first--the chicken or the egg?" argument. We are a divided family and have great fun explaining our positions to one another with passion. It's silly and unprovable--Dad!--but, we delight in sharing our reasoning and explaining it to one another.

My son loves this. He can not get enough of it. It is so stimulating for him to see most of the adults in his life going at it over theories and speculations and debating the relative merits of each side... It is energizing for him.

He himself has entered the fray, and tried some chicken on for size. My father is on the egg side. It's about evenly split. My mom abstains as she is a reasonable person and this is all ridiculous and a complete waste of time. I know, Mom. I'm sorry. But, your grandson loves it like the rest of us.

Last night my son threw this bomb after getting nowhere with the chicken/egg dichotomy. "Which came first, Space or Matter?"

There was a brief pause as we took it all in, looked at each other, and then people stated their various ideas.

My mom rolled her eyes.

Sorry, Mom...

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