Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy day of thankfulness in the full realization of everything we have. Wow. It's a lot, isn't it?

Here's my personal thankful list:

  • Husband. He is my partner, and confidante, and friend. Resident smart-ass too. I get a belly laugh from him almost every day--isn't that amazing? Also, he puts up with my idiosyncrasies--which can't be that easy to do.
  • Children. I've heard this before and I think it's true--they are my heart walking around in the world. I didn't know I could love as much as I do before I gave birth to my babies. My son is energetic and feeling and smart and funny and sweet. My daughter is energetic and feeling and smart and funny and sweet. Together, they are a dynamic duo that alternately delight, amaze and stupefy me. I love them!
  • Family. These are the people who brought me into the world and showed me how it works and showed me how to care. My Mom and Dad are amazing. I learn from them all of the time. Parents can always be teachers, can't they? My brother and sisters--also showed me about life and continue to be a source of learning for me. Plus, they love me. When my siblings and I get together, we can get each other laughing to the point of tears--silly stuff--explodes the heart, really.
  • Friends. Our friends are our second family and they fill our hearts. We learn from them, feel supported by them and enjoy camaraderie that comes in following slightly different paths than the norm. We can all be weirdos together and realize that it's all so normal after all.
  • Our Cat. Daisy is here and loving and involved with our family. When she's not napping, she's with us, visiting wherever we are. She is affectionate and is aware of our moods--she comforts us after boo-boos or hurt feelings. She is 23 years old (about 104 in human years). Every day she is here is a gift from her.
  • Our Comfort. I don't have it bad. I have it good. My husband has a good job and we're so grateful he has it and how it allows me to be with the kids and give them lessons and classes and books and museum visits and field trips, etc. We don't have to worry about bills. Others are having a harder time and we know that. It's not easy for lots of people.
  • Our Health. We are in good health. We feel comfortable almost all of the time. We sleep easily and have energy. We may get an occasional cold, and then it goes away quickly.
  • Good Food. I'm so glad I found the farming cooperative that we get our raw milk from. They are a group of wonderful farming families who produce clean, fresh, whole food. We know our milk from grass-fed cows is nutritious and healthful for us. Lots of people can not find such a source--we're lucky. We can go to any one of several grocery stores and get fresh vegetables and fruits. We have access to organic produce as well as conventional. We know that there are people in depressed, urban areas who have no access to grocery stores--they're not there. So, all they can get is cheap, unhealthy junk food. We're very grateful for our vegetables, and fruit and whole grain bread. It helps us to be healthy and we know that.
What is on your list? What are the things in your life, that if they were taken away from you would be like a nightmare? What's the most important to you?

What are you thankful for?

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