Monday, November 3, 2008

Guess What My Husband Just Went and Bought!

He went out and got a new vacuum. I'm not even considering this as against the principles of The Compact, because with a new vacuum that actually works, we will vacuum more around here and our house will be less dust-bunnyish and therefore we will sneeze less, and so it's a matter of our health and well-being...

When our Dirt Devil broom vacuum thingy broke last year, I decided not to replace it because I can sweep our floors. I don't need electricity for that. This was a "green" decision made before The Compact when I was starting to think about how we make our every day choices about buying and what is actually needed vs. what we think we need.

We've had our vacuum since before my husband and I were a couple--it was his--and he had it for years before that. It doesn't suck as it should.

I think our floors and rugs and carpet will be all the better for this. Thanks Husband.

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