Saturday, May 17, 2008

That's Entertainment!

I need some junk to watch...or, something really moving...or, something hilarious.

What movies do you like? What classics, what comedies, what documentaries, what foreign films, what dramas?

Help me out here with some wonderful movie suggestions.

So you have some idea of my taste, here are some movies that I like:

  • Harold and Maude
  • Hair
  • The Piano
  • Bringing up Baby
  • The Matrix
  • Diabolique
  • Pride and Prejudice (Oh my God--Colin Firth...enough said)
  • Casablanca
  • Gone With the Wind
  • Love Actually
  • Lost in Translation
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • E.T.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Journey of Hope (One of the saddest movies of all time--absolutely tragic)
  • Waiting for Guffman
  • Being John Malkovich
  • It Happened One Night
  • To Have and Have Not
  • Greaser's Palace
  • Juliet of the Spirits
  • Fannie and Alexander
  • Swept Away (the original, not the crap from Madonna)
  • Bicycle Thief
  • Children of Heaven
  • Platoon
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Fahrenheit 911
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Charade
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!
  • The Flying Scotsman
  • Babette's Feast
  • Like Water for Chocolate
  • Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  • Smokey and the Bandit, Part II (yeah, not husband just thinks he's witty. Dry, isn't he?)
  • Memento (I just added this to the list because my friend Unnamed reminded me at Park Day today that that's one of my favorite movies and I forgot to list it! Yes, and one of the big plot points of that movie is that the protagonist has severe memory loss and must write himself notes to keep track of his life...Irony strikes once again...)
I need help. My husband and I haven't been to a movie in a while, and we get a lot of Netflix films, but some are for the kids. What are some new or old films that you think I must see?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love movies. Here are a few that I didn't see on your list:

Gattaca, Joe Vs the Volcano, Groundhog Day, The Philadelphia Story(Katharine Hepburn), Pat and Mike(Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy), The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain


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