Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is what my kids are missing by being homeschooled.

I guess it's OK that my kids speak in regular tones and with their own original thoughts...isn't it? My kids actually do teach each other things too--they don't just speak in a monotone with scripted words that they've memorized.



Neo-agrarian said...

I hope this was not a third grade classroom. This is the most mundane lesson ever. I was expecting a student to raise their hand and say "teacher when can we stop this idiotic exercise." Now we know why many people get so bent out of shape about Reverend Wright. Because they have been ingrained to mimic the talking heads in front of them and as they grow up the model changes from the teacher to the barrage of trivial issues that is thrown at them through the television.

Laura said...

I actually saw comments on it at youtube, and they think it is a first grade classroom.


Shez said...

My first grade kids would rebel against a class like that. How bizarre.
What was with all that weird clapping?

Anne said...

Not a single name spoken. They were numbered, weren't they? (I really don't want to watch it again to confirm.) What a delightful idea.

Jim said...

I agree with others: that looks like a first grade classroom, not a third grade room as the video states. My second grader is a public school student and has never done that chant learning stuff.

There is a limited set of circumstances in which I imagine that chanting to learn might be of utility. Five minutes a day chanting the times-tables in a song might not be so bad. But as a whole-day teaching tool, blech.

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