Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gallagher--the Prop Comic

We went down to another town to visit with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece for Memorial Day. It was a great time. My son played with their wii system until his eyes glazed might have an addictive quality for some people. After we got him outside with the rest of us, a spontaneous, slow baseball game broke out in their backyard. In the field behind their backyard, I showed my daughter how to blow wide blades of grass between your thumbs to make honking sounds like geese. We ate grilled food. It was a fun day.

Before we went, my son had accumulated some of his favorite joke things.

Here is a picture of the collection.

Above you see: a rubber chicken from the homeschooling conference, a set of fake teeth under the chicken's leg, a rubber iguana from a previous grandparents' visit, 2 see-through squirt guns, a half of a plastic egg that my son drew on with marker to look like a bloodshot eye and that he can screw up his face to hold it in position over his eye and look real scary, a plastic cockroach, a glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeball that bounces really well, a rubber snake, a magic trick guillotine to pretend to chop off fingers, a pretend camera that you fill up with water and squirt people when you pretend to take their picture that he got from his aunt along with the guillotine (hi older sister #1!), and finally a black plastic cockroach that's attached to a fake stick of gum that springs on you as you take the offered treat that he got from my friend Unnamed's daughter.

It is this collection of hilarity with which my son planned to take down and regale his older girl cousin. My husband intervened and suggested to my son that perhaps his cousin wouldn't like that much hilarity in one sitting. Maybe she couldn't take it. Maybe she wasn't up to it. So, my son winnowed it down to just one item.

Here, you see a close-up of the springing black plastic cockroach/gum.

This was going to have to do. My son kept on bugging his cousin until she finally took the "gum". She said, "I knew this would happen!"

Props are fun! My son--Gallagher the Prop Comic.

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