Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Apparently, there is nothing more funny to my daughter than putting me in jinx. She'll say something, anticipating my response, and then say it at exactly the same time, so as to force the jinx situation.

Here's an example,

Daughter: Mom, can I have some candy?

Me and Daughter at the same time: No.

Daughter: Personal jinx!

Personal jinx is my kids' spin on the whole thing. Just jinx is kind of for funsies--no one enforces it. It's just sort of a "gotcha" kind of situation. No repercussions. Personal jinx on the other hand, means you are not allowed to talk under any circumstances until someone says your name.

Sometimes my daughter goofs up which, as it turns out, is equally hilarious. As in,

Daughter: Mom?

Daughter: What? and at the same time Me: Yes?

Daughter: *peals of laughter and huge grins*

I'm glad that the jinx gene has continued in my offspring considering that their father didn't even recognize the jinx I put him in one time when we were dating. I was horrified. I hadn't ever heard of someone flouting the social convention that is the jinx. It's kind of unheard of. Who doesn't recognize jinx? This was wildly unchartered territory I was traveling on. Truth be told, the rebellious side of me kind of liked it...

Here is a picture showing my husband flouting convention by not staying in jinx. Rebel...


Anonymous said...

That brings back memories! My siblings and I had our own version of "Personal Jinx." "Jinx" meant you couldn't talk at all until someone said your name. "Personal Jinx" meant that it could only be undone by the person who jinxed you. If we said "jinx" at the same time, we would rush to be the first to say "double jinx!" (that meant your name had to be said twice). Then there was the ultimate jinx: "Double Personal Jinx!", said with much pride and excitement at being able to utter such a rare and powerful curse. (Of course, this led to some intense arguing if a person refused to comply.)

Laura said...

Yeah, I still don't get that whole, "...refused to comply." I just never knew that anyone could break from that kind of authority and snub the jinx.

I'm too rigid in my thinking, clearly. Some of you people can see outside of the box and think outside of the box and BE outside of the box.

I'm just glad I now realize there is a box!

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