Thursday, May 29, 2008

Because I Have a Great Mind

We're watching some videos with the kids that my husband just got from the library. They just finished watching Shlessinger Science Library DVD, Space Science for Children--All About Stars which explained a lot about our star, the sun. It says it's for grades K-4 and both of my kids got a lot out of it. My daughter would be in 1st and my son would be in 4th grade if they were going to school. My son just asked to make sure, and we all agreed that he's in 4th grade. As homeschoolers, the kids' grades just don't come up and we have to think about it for a minute to remember when it does come up. Mostly, grade levels are a way to identify age, so we really should all have them on the tips of our tongues for when people ask. I can see how it would seem freaky to them if we don't know. "1st and 4th grades kids. Remember that!"

The kids were going to watch the next video, Space Science in Action--Moon, and I asked my daughter if she remembers how the moon was formed. It came up a couple of years ago, and I had explained to the kids how a giant meteorite had hit the earth (the thinking is probably where the Pacific is) and the impact radiated the material, the matter, the massive mass of earth out where the fragments then orbited the earth and then eventually coalesced to form the moon.

My daughter just told me all of that, using her 7 1/2 year old words, but with all of the same meaning as I just expressed here and I said to her, "Wow. That's great that you remember all of that! How do you remember that?" She confidently and simply answered, "Because I have a great mind."

You know, kids are brilliant if we allow them to be.

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