Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pete Seeger--I Dig This Too

I don't mean to be so reliant on youtube videos for posts here. But, I think since a computer is where you're viewing my blog, I can take advantage of it's multi-sensory nature. I don't have to just write essays here, as if it's a newspaper or magazine you're looking at. Instead, I can post photos from all over, and youtube videos and post polls and links and so on. There are layers upon layers here. It's deep. And varied. And complex--very, very complex.

So, with that in mind--here's another ripped off youtube video!

This time we'll see Pete Seeger singing a song I've never heard before, but unfortunately is still quite apt. Too bad, but it exemplifies another reason why we're homeschooling. These are not the things my kids are learning. Not at all.


Shez said...

You should try living in a military town like I do. The brainwashing that goes on here has to be seen to be believed. Try saying that we shouldn't be in Iraq and you have almost everyone, homeschoolers included, insisting that you just insulted their parents/husbands/wives. They have been so indoctrinated that they can't separate the soldiers in the military from an unjust war perpetrated by a megalomaniac commander in chief.

Unfortunately it appears that homeschoolers are learning the same propaganda that PS'ers are learning here in SE VA.

Shez from Homeschooled Twins

Laura said...

That must be very difficult. It's hard to have to bite your tongue almost completely off every time you're around other people. You can not possibly hope to persuade people to think otherwise, nor is it your place to do so. It's wearing to just nod politely though, isn't it?

There are certain subjects that I am completely under a rock about--they don't want to know what I know, they don't want to hear my differing opinions.

Oh well...that's why I blog! Take that world! These are my true feelings and ideas about stuff!

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