Friday, May 23, 2008

Boy, Does This Look Bad...

I think most everyone tries to portray themselves in the best light possible. I certainly have not revealed all the times here when I've argued with my kids, or when they've had freak outs about seemingly unimportant issues--obviously, very important to them! I think that's fair enough. You can guess that we're a very normal family with quirks and idiosyncracies and it's not always smooth sailing around here and there are occasional freak outs from the Mom too. But, I don't have to reveal all of that to you. This is not a confessional--this is a blog about how we're negotiating our way through life not buying new things for a year. The compact. That's what this is about. That, and what we do instead of buying. Oh, and the music that I like. And lots of politics. And reports of kids' happenings. And wry comments from my husband. That.

When the mainstream media only reports things that make for an easy narrative that's going in a certain direction, you can be sure that you're not getting the whole story. I get that. I see where that idea comes from. The powers-that-be are all in cahootz together. GE owns NBC, and Murdoch owns everything else (kind of!) However, the mainstream media isn't a giant blog which can shape every story however they see fit. The mainstream media is supposed to be in the service of us--the people. Freedom of speech is one of the most highly regarded rights we have in this country. It allows me to say that Bush is a complete idiot who has fucked up a lot of lives. I get to say that if I want to. I can say it again if I want to--fucked up a lot of lives. There I said it again. I even italicized it to give it even more emphasis.

I would like more eloquent reporting than my measly little rants here. And, I would like the mainstream media to show the forces that are shaping all of our lives and they just don't. They don't most of the time. It did come out recently that almost all of the military "experts" that were interviewed in the run up to the war were being paid by the Pentagon, or had commercial interests that impinged on the Iraq war going a certain way. It was all PROPAGANDA. That's not supposed to happen here. It's illegal for that to happen here. There are anti covert propaganda laws. That's something nasty that we would have heard about Soviet Russia doing to its citizens. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's the kind of behavior you get from dictatorships and totalitarian governments", we would shake our heads and say. God bless America and our American freedoms--yeah except, we've been lied to in a huge way. We've been served a line and the media is not reporting that...cause they were a huge part of it themselves. Remember the whole show yourself in the best light possible thing? I get it. But, I don't send people to war to die. It's OK if I don't reveal everything. I'm not a Reporter.

After Hillary's wins in Kentucky and Pennsylvania we have heard the analysts say how her biggest support, her biggest demographic is uneducated, poor white people. Um. what does that mean exactly? How come just in Kentucky and Pennsylvania? Why not lily white Oregon? What's different between all of these places. How come Obama gets white support all over this country, but not in certain areas? You know why and so do I. The media doesn't want to report it and say it explicitly because how sticky would that be? What would the headlines look like?

Hillary Wins Racist Vote!

or maybe,

Illiterates Vote for Hillary, Reject Obama as Elitist!

or maybe,

"We Don't Want no Nigger Telling us Nothin'!" Hillary Wins Kentucky in a Landslide!

Messy, no? Yet that's what is going on here. Hillary saying that Obama can't win this in November is her saying that the racists won't vote for him--he's unelectable. But, I think he's going to win big because people are finally going to vote for their own interests instead of out of fear.
As Obama says, Not this year, not this time. Well, except not the folks in the hills of Kentucky. They're going to vote their fears.

Who is fully exposing this? Al Jazeera, that's who. I'm sure they don't mind showing the U.S. in a bad light--we've been bullies around the world for a long time. So, although there may be a bias here, it doesn't take much to show all of our blemishes and our media doesn't show it, but they should. We need to know. I think we should see who the voters are who are going for Hillary in Kentucky.

This Al Jazeera youtube is so painful to watch. The people are so closed minded and angry. Their lives are very hard. They're going to auctions where coal miners are bidding on household items including a single can of Manwich for $1.10. They have not had a lot of success for generation after isolated generation. That's hard and that's their culture.

One coal miner realizes all of this in himself, in his own family and explains how his Grandfather would yell at the TV when black people were on it. I think that follows the mainstream narrative. Whites will vote for Hillary, blacks will vote for Obama. Feminists will vote for Hillary. Urban areas will vote for Obama. And so on. Except that's not exactly what has happened. Hillary had the black vote up to a certain point, then she lost it. Hillary had the feminist vote, and then many women realized she's a liar and it doesn't matter if she's a woman--we want decency especially after Bush. Whites are supposed to vote for her, but Oregon went for Obama. Except in Kentucky and why is that? That's what the media should spell out, because that's what's going on.

Look at this youtube video. These are Hillary's white Kentucky voters. Boy, does this look bad...


swimmermom said...

Hello my friend,

I loved your "headlines" for the racist vote. It is to bad that mainstream media doesn't cover or say it the way it is.

Laura said...

Those headlines are accurate aren't they?

I just hope enough people know what's going on and can read through the lines.

It's too bad that Al Jazeera can get it right and our media won't.

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