Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fluff Poll Results...and More Fluff!

The people have voted! I have heard your voice and duly note that the overwhelming response has been positive. See the poll above? Please notice, as I did, that no one voted for the "No fluff pieces ever." option.

Someone said I should write whatever I want. Damn straight! And, 2 people voted for we trust your judgment, but really that was just part of the "Write whatever you want we trust your judgment implicitly, Laura!" option. If you write a poll choice and it's too long, it gets cut off by the incoming results numbers. So I realize the answer choices weren't completely clear.

In any case, no one voted for the "No fluff pieces ever." option.

OK, so only 4 people voted, and one of them was you really want to make something of that?! Aren't there more important things to think and talk about? Or, are there?

Here's some fluff for you.



Mama bee said...

Nooooo! Now that song will be stuck in my head all day! Oh, okay. You're forgiven. Thanks for the catchy fluff.

Laura said...

But, aren't you walking on sunshine? And, don't it feel good?

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