Saturday, May 3, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Yeah, I don't think so...but, my husband was just watching Mariah Carey on Saturday Night Live and he said in complete puzzlement,

"Doesn't she rock out?"

Me: Uh, no. She's a Pop queen.

Husband: But, doesn't she use an acoustic guitar?

Me: What?!?

Husband: Yeah, she plays an acoustic guitar.

Me: Are you thinking of Melissa Etheridge??

Husband: I don't know...they're all the same.

Me: What?! Mariah Carey is a Pop singer and goes up and down the scales and Melissa Etheridge plays guitar and had David Crosby father her babies with her lesbian ex-lover. How are they the same?!

Husband: I don't know--they look the same to me...

You make the call: Mariah Carey and Melissa Etheridge separated at birth?


Mama bee said...

I think maybe our husbands were separated at birth! Mine has never been interested in pop culture and can't remember names well, so we periodically have these discussions.

Him: "Hey, I know this song. Is this by one of the Billys?"

Me: "No, this one is by Eric Clapton. Not Billy Joel or Billy Idol." (whom he still can't tell apart)

Him: "Eric who? Is he the guy who sang the candle song? And Lion King?"

Me: "Nope, that's Elton John."

Him: "Well what's the difference?"

Me: "Eric is an amazing guitarist. Elton is a pianist and flamboyantly gay."

Him: "Oh. Do they sound different?"

Ohhh, boy. Yes, we've had many comparison playlists made on iTunes, but it doesn't matter. :-)

Laura said...

LOL. Your husband is fun.

I don't know much pop culture either, but I get more of it through osmosis than my husband does.

Entirely different gestalt for Billy Joel and Billy Idol... "Is this by one of the Billys?"--hilarious! Also, "Oh. Do they sound different?" I am cracking up!

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