Monday, April 14, 2008

Uh Oh...

I don't like to shop. I don't like going in stores. I don't like the hunt. I don't like getting caught up in fashion and feeling compelled to keep up.

I want my kids to have simple, cotton clothing uncluttered with ads for the Gap, or Old Navy or anything else. I don't like cartoon characters all over kids' clothing. I don't like words like "Princess" or sayings like "I didn't do it..." or anything like that in glittery printing on the front of a shirt. I don't want my kids to be walking billboards or to look smart-assy or to look smarmy.

Having said all of that, it is with that set of sensibilities that has always drawn me to Hanna Andersson to buy a few things for my daughter. It is very expensive clothing, but it wears well and is simple and innocent without being cutesy poo and saccharine.

I've discovered that it's been difficult to find clothes for my kids at thrift stores. I don't like to shop and that's what you have to do at Goodwill. You have to really hunt for simple, clean, cotton clothing. The other day I was struck with the realization that I could shop at ebay and get my daughter used items from Hanna Andersson and I wouldn't have to drag the kids out to a store to paw through racks and racks of clothes!

I've never bought from ebay. It's new to me to sit here and surf through items and put in bids. I've kind of gotten caught up in seeing these great deals for my daughter and being fed up with things I'm finding in thrift shops.

So do you think it's a good thing, or a bad one, that I'm currently winning 17 bids?

Uh oh...

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