Monday, April 28, 2008

No Time to Post...Japanese Culture Night

I don't have time to post today. This will be short.

My kids are having a play date here, and then we are all going over to the pool for a swim, and then we're getting ready for Japanese Culture night at our library for our homeschooling group. My son is going to do a presentation on Anime. My daughter is going to bring in some children's books to show the writing. Also, she has a calendar with women wearing both kimonos and western bride's dresses.

We have to run to a local, huge, Japanese grocery store for Ramune soda in assorted flavors to share with everyone.

Do you know Ramune Soda? It is a drink, and it's a puzzle. Yes. Sudoku in a bottle. No, not really. Do you see the narrowed part of the bottle neck in the photo? That is the spot where a marble will rest once you push it down in there. It's how you open the bottle. The trick is to have the marble catch in that area so it doesn't block the flow of the soda. If you have the bottle tilted wrong, the marble will go to the mouth of the bottle, but not out, and block the drink. It's fun, especially in a drinking race at the Obon Festival. We never participated in a race, but we saw one, and then my daughter lost a loose tooth while eating some noodles. The same thing happened to my friend Unnamed's daughter a few years before.

I've got to go. Jaamataashita, tomodachi!


swimmermom said...

The Japanese culture night was a blast. The kids are great and so are the parents.

Laura said...

We all did have a great time, didn't we?

Did we settle on Spain for next time?

Your noodles were great and I want the recipe!

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