Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Japanese Culture Night

Yes, it was a right good time!

The kids presented various topics: karate, the Japanese flag and how it changed after WW II, WW II and Japanese internment camps, Yakatas and getas (the platform sandals), rice bowls, children's books written in Japanese and about Japanese subjects, the significance of cherry blossoms, Zen gardens, origami, paper fish kites (carp--because they are strong), a world map and showing us all where Japan is and where it is in relation to Hawaii, and bullet trains! They can go 275 MPH. Take that, traffic congestion! Take that, carbon foot print!

We ate: sushi, chocolate covered Pocky sticks (even one marked "Men's"...what do you suppose that means exactly?), various crackers, rice and beef teriyaki, udon noodles with a peanut sauce (a personal favorite of mine--delicious. Yes, it is too!), Ramune soda and Calpico soda.

From 7:00 to 9:00 last night, we were immersed in Japanese culture and laughter with our friends and good conversations and good food.

What was that socialization argument again against homeschooling? Oh, that's right--our kids are maladroit loners. Last night, I guess they were all too busy listening to each other and talking and laughing together, while we adults were doing the same, to realize what a mistake we've made in homeschooling. God, we all better get a clue soon!

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