Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Debate in Philadelphia, or the Mickey Mouse Club

Bitter. Wright. Weathermen. Flag lapel pin.

That is all. For the first 45 minutes or so of last night's debate--those are the pressing issues that ABC's Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos pursued, complete with interruptions to really pin Obama down on these vital, vital issues.

Now, you may go back to your regularly scheduled lives. No hard questions or real issues here. Nothing to see--move along.

Sniper fire anyone? No, not even that. Not really. They didn't really hold Hillary's feet to the fire...sniper fire, that is. Obama could have, but he tried to steer the conversation away from the divisive, distracting silliness to real issues. The ABC people should have called her on it and didn't. And by the way, what kind of apology was that that she gave for her bold faced lie about Bosnia sniper fire? She speaks so much, it was a mistake?!

I talk a lot. When the kids are playing and my friends and I can have a few moments to string a complete sentence together and actually share it with each other, we all find a lot to talk about. But, it is amazing to me that not one of us has mistakenly said we were being fired at by rebels, or soldiers or insurgents. We've not told each other that. To my knowledge, not one of my friends has ever told me that she, or he, has been responsible for the successes of their spouses. They may have supported them in various ways, but not one of them has ever claimed their accomplishments as their own.

Like, I've never told my friends, just because I have so many words spilling out of me, that I can take apart a Schwinn bicycle, fix it up, and put it back together again. My husband can do that, blindfolded. I, however, can not. Also, I've never claimed that I designed a really cool thing of some sort for my husband's company. That scary, powerful electrical thing over there? Yep--I designed it. I have so much to say, I might sometimes lie, er, uh...speak in a mistaken way.

Someone should have called Hillary on that; instead, she was given a complete pass. You'd think that she wouldn't be able to get away with such a bold lie. She's been exposed! We all saw the poetry reciting, flowers holding little girl greeting Hillary with daughter Chelsea at her side right there in the heart of Bosnia at the airport in Tuzla. Then again, Bush recently admitted that he approved torture and absolutely nothing has happened, so what's a lie about sniper fire among friends and prospective voters? Unless the people vote for Obama in which case it will be the super delegates that are important.

What's a lie among friends and super delegates?

Where are people asking real questions that go to the heart of real issues that we all face?

Go here. Go, to see questions and reporting that the mainstream media neglects.

There are some things happening in the world that are important to all of us, but the Mickey Mouse Club won't show you.

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