Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Only a Flesh Wound!

I don't really think Hillary Clinton has much of a sense of humor. She's stiff, occasionally she can get a good laugh, but she really is deathly serious most of the time and is fighting in really unbecoming ways.

She's fighting dirty: disingenuously injecting Hamas and Farrakhan during the debate (she knows there's no meaningful association with Obama there!), keeping questions about Obama's association with Rev. Wright in the forefront (even though we're not VOTING for Rev. Wright, and even though he was welcome in the Clinton Whitehouse to offer counsel during Bill's unfortunate Monica Lewinski affair fallout), 3 AM ads, suggesting that pledged delegates can actually switch their alliance and so should vote for her even though they're pledged for Obama, and so on.

She's also dismissing giant portions of the democratic base when it serves her: the black vote doesn't matter, caucus states don't matter, latte drinking liberals don't matter (um, yeah they do), democratic activists don't matter like the good folks at who started out as a group to urge the congress to Move On from the censure of Bill Clinton when he was embroiled in the whole Monica Lewinski thing...nice to turn on them now, Hillary.

Hillary wants to include things she really shouldn't when it serves her--Michigan and Florida now do matter (Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan--at the request of the National Democratic Party higher-ups to punish Michigan's early primary--who's the team player?).

All of this energy from the Clinton camp is silly at this point because Obama has won in all of the ways he needs to to be the Democratic nominee for President. Hillary really should be joining in supporting Obama now to defeat McCain. Instead she is calling Obama chicken and wants to continue to fight.

After all, to Hillary's way of thinking, it's only a flesh wound!

Now, let's see a video of Hillary fighting the good King, I mean Obama.

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