Saturday, April 5, 2008



My husband, my kids, my kids when they were my babies, homeschooling my kids, all kids, all babies, my friends, my family, the family of man (OK and womyn), roasted garlic, laughter, irony, wild flowers, thunderstorms, foreign films, cow bell...I have to have more cow bell, my wicked cool Romika shoes that I got pre-compact, my cat, when I catch my cat in pre-vomit mode and can get her out to the porch successfully, adventures, poignancy, crying at sad movies, the shape of certain water towers and not others, the way dandelion stems curl up when you split them and put them in water, Harold and Maude, chocolate croissants from Trader Joe's (the baked ones are good, but the frozen uncooked ones are even better!), stickin' it to the man and this magnet that I don't feel I can get and put up on my fridge until the kids are waaay older...

Oh yeah, and sunsets and rainbows too!


The white racist, homophobic, patriarchal, bullshit paradigm, lies, liars, and the lying liars who tell them, hypocrisy, arrogance, mean people, shallow people (although sometimes they can be fun!!), not catching my cat before she vomits all over our living room rug, or downstairs rug, or the rug in our bedroom, teasing of the kid-to-kid variety, not getting enough sleep, ABBA-really I can't even get into the very high camp factor there, ice berg lettuce, cheap plastic toys, the idea that formula is equivalent to breast milk, the idea that homebirth is dangerous, the idea that just because someone is a woman she is entitled to get all the women's vote and be crowned the nominee even though she hasn't won as many primaries or popular vote as another certain individual (wink, wink--I think you all know who I'm talking about here!), and drivers when they cut into my lane at the last moment to move over because of lane closures because of construction...HELLO! You got the notice 1/4 mile back just like everyone else that the lane is closing--move it over and don't insist that I let you in at the last moment, even though I will because I'm cool like that.

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