Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who's Sick of Winter?

Raise your hand if you're sick of winter! Me. I'm raising my hand! Oooooh! Oooooh! *raises hand like Arnold Horschack*

Isn't the picture of the snowdrop at the top there pretty? I am ready to see that all over the ground. I want the snow to melt.

Here's an excerpt from about snowdrops,

Snowdrop, usually spoken of as the first flower of our year, though the Winter Aconite has perhaps a better title to be so considered, has never been of much account in physic, and has never been recognized. Gerard says 'nothing is set down hereof by the ancient Writers, nor anything observed by the moderne.' He calls it the Bulbous Violet, but adds that some call it the Snowdrop, the earliest mention of it by this name, and it was known to all the old botanists as a bulbous violet.

The generic name, Galanthus, is Greek in its origin and signifies Milkflower. Nivalis is a Latin adjective, meaning relating to or resembling snow.

I'm in the Chicago area in Very-republican-Town, Illinois, and we don't have anything blooming here now. I noticed a visitor from Vietnam the other day. What is blooming there now? Is there a blooming season? Do flowers bloom year round, or in cycles? What about you visitors from Turkey, England, Romania, Estonia, Malaysia, the Faroe Islands or Nicaragua? What flowers do you see now? What will you see, when the flowers bloom?

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