Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can't Post Today...2nd Time!

I can't help myself. I should be baking and hat making but take a look at this. Do people want Bush for another 4 or even 8 years?!?

Does anyone think that McCain is a different animal than Bush? They're from the same pack. Note the ritualistic hugging and nuzzling that the Republicans do in greeting and comforting one another. It's SICK!! Does the American Family Association or the Eagle Forum know about this? Do they?!

This photo montage is titled, "Thick as Thieves". Catchy, eh?

What other titles can you come up with?


r said...

yeah, i've been saying mccain is another bush. he is a terrible choice. it will be no different if he wins.
terrible presidential race too. the whole election seems rigged. hillary is buying off delegates by donating millions to the democratic party. illegals are using different names and IDs making it so that each individual can vote for mccain several times. >_<

Laura said...

r, do you have a link for that last idea about people here illegally voting several times for McCain--I've not heard about that one.

I hope the super delegates realize that the people are watching who they vote for. It can't work if it's just back room machinations figuring out how to put Hillary over the top.

r said...

No, I don't have a link because I heard it on the radio. Someone called in and said that at their local poll place the people working there had seen several people come in and vote for McCain only to come back later with different IDs and vote for McCain again. The workers said it had been going on all day. And supposedly the people working there couldn't do anything about it because somehow the IDs matched the people or something like that.

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