Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still Time for Monster Poll

At left you can still see the poll I put up a few days ago about which is the definitive monster family. I wrote a post about it, but didn't tell my preference--I don't want to lead the discussion here. Not completely any way.

Is it The Munsters or The Addams Family? I think they're both classics in early 60s television.

Both series ran for two years, from 1964 to 1966. The Munsters had higher ratings and made 70 shows, the Addams Family made 64 shows. The Munsters were canceled after the full color Batman blew them out of the water with its higher ratings. Powww!!!

Holy Nielsens Batman!

OK. Go vote in the poll. It's silly. It has nothing to do with anything I think is truly important. Does it have anything to do with who will select the next supreme court justices? No. Does it raise people's awareness about poverty and frivolous consumption and pollution? No, it most certainly does not. Does it conjure up the times for this suburban woman when she was a suburban girl and it mattered which family you thought was the coolest? Yeah, it does kinda.

Go vote--Munsters or Addams.

Also, I'm an idiot in that it's not Adams, it's Addams. I'm off to correct the poll.

Rock the Vote!!

P.S. I can't alter the poll in any way now because someone has already voted in it. Just keep in mind ADDAMS, not Adams, OK? Kind of cool that you can't change the poll once the data's coming in.

Weren't there some exit polls that got changed after the fact to reflect the incoming election results?! Hmmmm....

Kudos to whoever can tell me more about that!

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