Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monster Family Poll Results

Well I don't even believe it! An outside group has referenced our poll and has stacked the vote with their Addams Family fans! Look:

This group,

put up this post linking to our blog.

Look at people coming over here from there to vote!

Here, are the results of the Definitive Monster Family Poll:

Yes, that's right, The Addams Family won by a 2 to 1 margin...I don't even believe this!! It's outside people coming here and caucusing for The Addams Family. What about The Munsters? Hmmmm!? What about lovable Herman and Lily and Grandpa and little Eddie and Marilyn?? They thought they were a normal family. They didn't mean anyone any harm.

Look at them--they're adorable!

The Addams Family?! Not as much in my humble opinion.

Yes, Charles Adams created them and they were darker and more ironic sandwiched in between essays in The New Yorker, but still, I prefer The Munsters.

I am profoundly unsophisticated in certain ways--I freely admit this. For example, I don't drink black coffee. But, it goes beyond putting a little half-and-half in (and what is up with fat free half-and-half...what's one of the halves then?) and maybe a little sugar. No. I have to put in Sucanat (natural, unrefined organic sugar), cocoa and cream and thereby make myself a mocha. I have to have this every morning and I really can't have coffee any other way. Isn't that gross?! Isn't it like a sugar-obsessed sticky little kid who has to have candy?! Any way, I'm OK with not always being supremely sophisticated--I don't even have any Himalayan pink salt in my kitchen!! I'm a Philistine, right?

Well, the people have spoken. I will not contest the results--clearly, the Addams' had more of an aggressive ground game than the Munsters camp. They communicated more effectively and got their people organized. I kind of saw the Munsters as deserving to win--they seemed to me to be the quintessential monster family, not just dark and ironic. But, no, in an election whoever wins, wins. Right? I mean, just because I think the Munsters should be the winners doesn't mean that they get to be the winners. The people have spoken.

Thanks conscientious citizens. Rock the vote!

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Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but those are the Munsters a 1960 sitcom very similar. This is the Addams family,
Very similar I know.

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